Saturday, January 27, 2018

All I have to say is... Girls with Guns

I am fully aware that I have not authored a blog post of substance in quite some time. It might be writers block. However, posting a Girls with Guns blog post requires no brain power, I just have to push a few buttons... so here we go and I hope I can break through this writers block soon.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

"Lock and Load Em" Ladies! Women's Shooting Classes in Olympia, Washington

I had a few days of "use or lose" leave that I had to take before October 1st and opted to pay a visit to my dear friends in and around the Tacoma, Washington area. I lived there from 2009 to 2013 and miss it quite a bit. Aside from visiting my friends, I had a secondary motive for making the trip from El Paso to Sea-Tac which involve a pair of Mosin Nagant rifles (more on that in my next blog post). 

Those Mosin Nagant's that I just mentioned, needed to be shipped from an FFL over there, to my FFL over here, as firearms cannot legally be shipped any other way. Naturally, I paid a visit to my friend Chester at for assistance with the transfer and shipping. It was at that I met Taylor, who runs the back office and in her spare time is a firearms instructor for a company called which specializes in classes by women, for women. 

When I mentioned my YouTube channels and photography background, she invited me to come shoot some videos and photos at one of the classes, which happened to be the next day! I had plenty of free time and immediately accepted.

Below you'll see some of the photos that I captured and you can view the complete photo gallery on our Facebook group.

It was great to see all the ladies out there learning and shooting!

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Girls with Guns, End of Summer Edition

Well, another marvelous summer has come to an end. It has been extremely eventful hasn't it? Hurricanes, alt-right and alt-left protests, North Korean nukes, etc. Let's just relax and enjoy some sexy Girls with Guns and everything will be alright!