Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Photos - Smith and Wesson 3913 and 5906

Just wanted to share a couple of photos of two of my favorite Smith and Wesson's, the 3913 and the 5906.

These two pistols really compliment each other well, I see them as sort of a big brother and little brother. If I had the Lady Smith 3913 I could say big broth and little sister, but since my ex didn't want to sell her Lady Smith 3913 back to me, I was stuck picking up the 3913, which is ok because I LOVE my 3913.

Both are 9mm, really easy to control and fun to shoot.

The 3913 is a great concealed carry piece and the 5906 (15 rounds) is a great pistol to take to the range. It's a little bit too bulky to carry, for my taste.

I've blogged about both of these pistols in the past, just wanted to share a couple of photos with y'all! As you can see in the photos, I've added Hogue slip on grips to both of these.

Both size Hogue slip on grips are available here...

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