Sunday, April 7, 2013

Photos - Last Day at the Range (for a while)

If you're wondering why there's no video footage from my day at the range today, it's because I wanted to simply enjoy a little solitude and keep my entire focus on the targets down range, for today would be my last day at the range for at least a year, probably two, as a deployment to Korea looms just 38 days from now.

I took out my Chinese Type 53, a tried and true 1943 Mosin Nagant 91/30 and the first bolt action rifle I ever purchased, the 24/47 which I picked up for 50 bucks from a guy I had a college class with. The reason I chose these firearms was simple, I've got plenty of 7.62x54r and 8mm ammo. But not just that, I wanted to enjoy each and every round fired and that's much easier to do when you're working a bolt action as opposed to blasting round after round from a semi-automatic.

Rain was in the forecast but the skies cleared just long enough to enjoy precipitation-free shooting from 10am to around noon.

I never really paid that much attention to the difference but I have to say, there was a clear difference in the smoothness of the bolt actions between the Mosin Nagant (Type 53 included) and the 24/47 Mauser with the Mosin Nagant coming out way ahead. The action was so smooth, it required little effort to work it, while the 24/47 action required a little bit of elbow grease to cycle. Another surprise was the trigger pull of the Type 53, it was surprising light, and a pleasant surprise it was, not to mention how impressive the accuracy was as well (see the photo).

I almost always invite a few friends with me when I go to the range, but not today, today was just for me, to relax and enjoy and that I did. I also got to shoot an MP5 sub-machine gun for the first time today. A guy named Rich, on the lane next to me had a unique looking MP5 on his bench (along with a M1 Carbine) as per my usual MO, I introduced myself and offered Rich my business card. He was friendly and asked if I wanted to try out his MP5, I was beside myself, hell yes! He let me fire off a full magazine and it was awesome. Easy to control and very low recoil.

Another guy on the range today had a super cool, custom AR15 that he built himself, which featured an eye-catching Yankee Hill fluted barrel. Check out the pics below.

All in all, my last day of shooting was quite enjoyable. Goodbye for now shooting range, I hope ammo prices drop during my time away.

Yugo Mauser 24/47


Chinese Type 53 and 1943 Mosin Nagant 91/30

Yugo Mauser 24/47

Felix with the MP5 (note the M1 carbine with barrel shroud on the bench).


Chinese Type 53

Grouping @ 25 yards with Chinese Type 53

MP5 (M1 carbine above).

Custom AR15 with fluted barrel.

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