Sunday, September 22, 2013

Dear - Why is is so difficult to get a simple order right?

I recently ordered a paid of much needed Under Armor boots from on the advice of an army buddy whose sharp looking boots I had commented on. I went to the site and found this pair of Under Armor Valsetz boots on sale for $89.99...

Seemed like a good deal, they had my size in stock (9) so I placed the order. Here we are, ten days later, my feet and I have been anxiously awaiting my new boots. I was elated to see that I had a package waiting for me at the unit post office, I signed for the box and went back to my room anticipating the luxurious feel and comfort of my new boots. However, I was dismayed when I opened the box and found that the boots, although they were the correct size, were black in color, not desert tan as I had ordered. And no, I didn't mistakenly order black, I know I ordered tan. On top of that, I looked at the invoice and found that I was charged $109.99 not the listed sale price of $89.99. They appear to have a customer friendly return and exchange policy but now I have to pay for the return shipping. Bleh. I sent an email requesting an exchange for a similar pair because the style I ordered is now out of stock, if not, then a refund. I'll report back on how their customer service handles it. In the meantime, this soldiers feet remain sore and in need of a new pair of boots. It'll take 7-10 days to return this pair and another 7-10 days to get a replacement pair.

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