Thursday, July 26, 2012

C&R License (UPDATED)


I called the BATFE and asked about who can sign my Certification of Compliance and it turns out I can certify it myself. Seems a little redundant. Anyway, my application is ready to go, I just need to send a copy to my local CLEO.


I've decided to "pull the trigger" and apply for my Curious and Relics license with the BATFE. I downloaded the application this morning and filled it out. Along with the C&R license application there's a Certification of Compliance for US citizenship. I guess someone else has to certify that I'm a US citizen, there weren't any real clear instructions as to who can certify it, I guess a friend?

I also have to submit a copy of my application to the Chief Law Enforcement Officer in my county, which in my case is the Pierce Country Sheriff, so I'll do that this week as well.

I'll check back in and let you know how long the process takes and whether or not I got the C&R license.

I'm hoping that getting approved for my FFL will be more likely if I already have a C&R license. I plan to apply for my FFL early next year so that I can start buying and selling online! Perhaps an online store is in my future?


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