Monday, August 13, 2012

Day at the Range with Sgt. Davis - Part 1 AK47 Red Dot Zero and Tactical Reload

I recently enjoyed another fun, fabulous day at the range, this time with my army battle buddy Sgt. Davis, who is also the person who introduced me to my new favorite local shooting range, so I was glad to have the opportunity to go out and enjoy a fun day with him!

There will be multiple parts to the video, not sure how many because we ended up with a TON of footage, so far I've only managed to edit Part 1 as seen below, but rest assured, I'll get through the rest of it and upload the remaining parts later this week.

In Part 1, Sgt. Davis zeroes in a new red/green dot sight for his WASR AK47 as well as demonstrating a tactical reload with the AK. For my part, I practice the tactical reload a couple times, then let loose by firing two full magazines through my Polish AK47 underfold while employing the tactical reload to when the first magazine goes empty.

Enjoy Part 1 and stay tuned for more!

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