Sunday, August 5, 2012

Here's My Latest Addition - Rare Kimber Pro carry II in .40 S&W

I had noticed this nice looking Kimber in the display case on my last several trips to my favorite local gun shop Surplus Ammo and Arms, in Lakewood, WA. I wasn't really looking to buy another handgun at this time but decided to have a closer look at it and asked the salesman if he could pull it out of the case. At first glance it looks like a .45 CDP but much to my surprise, it wasn't a CDP but a Pro Carry II in the same bi-tone color scheme as a CDP and it wasn't a .45 it was a .40 S&W! I had never seen a Kimber like this before. I simply couldn't resist the temptation to pick up this beauty, so I put it on layaway.

I was able to bring it home yesterday, but in the interim I had done some searching on the internet was unable to find this same configuration available for sale anywhere on the internet! A rare find indeed.

I'll be taking it out to the range this Thursday, so stay tuned for a new video later this week!

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