Monday, May 5, 2014

An Unexpected Surprise From My Old (former) SGM

During my short "career" in the army, there's only been one Sergeant Major who never hesitated to take the time to talk to his soldiers one on one, in a personal manner. SGM Nolen always MADE the time, and to this day is still the only SGM I've served under who took the time to mentor me in such a manner.

Upon learning of my TDY at Fort Sill for Advanced Leaders Course, he invited me out for a coffee, I figured we'd catch up on old times and that would be that. It should have come as no surprise that instead of sitting down for coffee and conversation, he instead took me out for an amazing day. He taught me how to set a foot trap, we rescued a turtle, we checked all the hog pens and we finished off the day with a nice lunch at the home of one of his former First Sergeants. 

Oklahoma is a fantastic state for outdoor activities including hunting and fishing. A big thank you to SGM Nolen for spending the day with me. It was a much welcome break from my ALC class. I'm also without a rental car so I'm stuck at the hotel most of the time. I've got some video of the coyote we took care of however I'll have to wait to upload it due to the extremely slow internet speed here at the hotel.

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