Monday, May 5, 2014

Not In Immediate Danger?

Many of you should be familiar with this story by now...

Two armed men walked into a Waffle House in South Carolina intent on robbing the place. They ordered everyone to the floor, meanwhile, a concealed weapons permit holder is seated at the counter, when he sees an opportunity, he draws his weapon, shoots and kills one of the armed robbers, scuffles with the second armed robber who gets away but is later captured.

Watch this video. I was almost beside myself when I heard the cousin of the armed robber who was killed say that her cousin didn't have to die because the concealed weapon permit holder wasn't in immediate danger. Really? Excuse me, but if I'm eating in a restaurant, and two armed men walk in to rob the place, with guns drawn, that IS immediate danger, it's more than reasonable to feel my life is in danger as well as the lives of the other patrons.

FOX Carolina 21

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