Friday, January 25, 2013

All But the Ruger 10/22 (photos)

As you may or may not know, I have been agressively searching for replacements for my 7 stolen firearms and I've been extremely successful doing so. I placed a bid last night on a Czech VZ24, and if I win the auction, replacing the Ruger 10/22 will be all that remains to complete my task. In fact, I was able to ugrade slightly (although it cost me in dollars) in a number of cases including jumping from a standard DPMS Panther Arms AR15 light to a Sig Sauer M400 which I plan to deck out with a Eotech 512 and Magpul flip-up front and rear sights, I also upgraded slightly on my Mosin Nagant M44. The one I just purchased (1946 Izzy)  is a rare DDR (Russian made - East German Issued) the one I had before was just a regular 1946 Izzy.

I am still waiting for the insurance check, so I had to dip into an old credit card that I had saved for emergencies, as collecting and shooting firearms is pretty much my only hobby, I considered this an emergency.

So far I've purchased:

WASR10 Romanian AK47
AKMS Polish Underfold
Russian SKS 1953
Mosin Nagant M44
Sig Sauer M400 AR15

Currently bidding on Czech Mauser VZ24.

Mosin Nagant M44

Russian Izhevsk M44

Czech Mauser VZ24

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