Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Video - Home Invasion Recap

Just wanted to share my experience with you from what happened on Monday. Take a look at the scene of the crime. The criminals took a crow bar to the door, bent and pushed past the dead bolt and stole 7 rifles plus a shotgun that belonged to a friend, 2 lap tops plus assorted DJ and music gear.

Friends, responsible gun owners, secure your firearms. With values skyrocketing, criminals are aft them even more. Spend the extra money, buy a safe, install a security system, install cameras, take every and all precautions. The only way that law-abiding citizens will triumph over criminals is to stay vigilant, watch out for each other, report suspicious behavior and secure your valuables.

I will learn from this. I feel bad because I feel like I let down my community. I should have kept my firearms in a safe.

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