Monday, January 14, 2013

Burglary Summary

They broke in using a crow bar or pry bar of some type to pry open the front door near the deadbolt, thereby defeating the dead bolt. Looks like the work of a pro due to the ease of which it appears they broke through the front door. I have additional security on the sliding glass door and windows, but only the dead bolt on the front door.

They made away with two laptop computers, assorted DJ equipment and music recording gear and 7 rifles including; (2) AK47s, an AR15, an SKS, a Mosin Nagant M44, vz24 Czech Mauser, Ruger 10/22 and my friends Baikal MP153 semiauto shotgun (sorry Ryan) plus assorted optics such as red dot scopes and laser flashlight.

My renters insurance will cover some of that loss however, my concern is that these firearms do not end up in the hands of criminals. Unfortunately, my insurance will only cover a maximum of $2000 for theft of firearms, so I'll be out a few bucks.


  1. Sorry for the break in and loss of property. I have been broken into a couple times. Fortunatley not much was taken either time. For your future reference, if you have home or renters insurance you can schedule firearms much like you can insure jewelry for specific values, insuring each gun at a specific value. Your home or renters deductible usually does not apply to gun schedules.

  2. My policy covers up to $2000 for the firearms. I wasn't aware of the additional coverage but next time yeah.

  3. I'm sorry to hear that man...I'd keep an eye on the markets for your guns burglars are into the business of making money so I'm sure they will try to flip the firearms- Raevin

  4. Definitely ask your agent about it when you restock your guns. Its pretty cheap coverage.