Monday, May 23, 2016

Excellent Gun Rights - Gun Control Debate Video from West Virginia

This guy, Keith Morgan, is the President of West Virginia Citizens Defense League, and is apparently, a masterful debater when it comes to the subject of gun rights. As a matter of fact, I enjoyed his defense (not that it should need defending any more than what the Constitution lays out) of the Second Amendment and gun rights.

Keith tears apart the host of the show, some dumb fuck named Bray Cary, who has no clue about what the intent of the Second Amendment is and who would rather put his life and the life of his family in the hands of the police when it comes to self-defense. It seems he would also rather that the only entities that should be armed with AK47's and/or AR15's are the government and police.

I rarely watch debates of this type because they usually end up being nothing more than shouting matches, however, in this case, Keith Morgan does indeed have an opportunity not only to get his points across but to shred the points of the opposition.

This video, for me, sums up the irrational debate points that are constantly put forth by the anti-gun politicians and activists. Enjoy...

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