Monday, February 6, 2012

My First Concealed Carry Handgun - Sig Sauer P232

Practicality and pragmatism were the main selling points when I first began purchasing firearms. And by that I mean, I was in the market for firearms that were first and foremost, the best option for self-defense. The only firearm I owned come early 2009, was the Springfield XDM .40. A fine handgun indeed, but not easy to conceal. 

My first choice for a concealed carry handgun was the Walther PPK, and yes, I grew up on James Bond films, which is why my eyes wandered first to the PPK. But as I began doing more and more research I found another pistol, very similar in styling to the PPK, the Sig Sauer P232, which ultimately won me over and is to this day one of my favorite concealed carry pistols. 

Here's a fantastic YouTube video that compares the Walther PPK and the Sig Sauer P232...

One of the main features I look for in a firearm, both rifle and pistol alike, is ease of disassembly and reassembly and it doesn't getting anymore simple than the P232. Take a look at this YouTube video and witness just how simple it is to field strip...

Both the Walther PPK and the Sig Sauer P232 are sleek in design, in fact, at a glance they look nearly identical and both are available in .380 (the Walther PPK is also available in .32 acp). 

I was extremely impressed by the numerous positive reviews that I read about the reliability of the P232. I was keenly aware of the impeccable reputation of Sig Sauer firearms, even as the amateur enthusiast that I was (am). It was this reputation, the ease of field stripping and the slightly larger size of the P232 vs. the   PPK that ultimately won me over. 

Neither the PPK nor the P232 came with grips that I liked very much, so I added a Hogue slip on grip with finger grooves for added comfort and grip. 

The P232 has been nothing but reliable and accurate. I've put around 300 rounds through it without a single problem. It shoots very tight groups considering how short the barrel is.

A note on concealed carry: I've exchanged hugs, been arm in arm with several dates and not a single one ever noticed I was carrying the P232 in an inside the pant holster in the small of my back.

I give my highest recommendation to the P232.

I'll purchase a PPK someday, and I'm not ashamed to say that I'm buying one just because it's the pistol 007 carried!  

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