Saturday, February 11, 2012

Traded in my guitar for some guns

My friend Randy and I started recording music together in 2003. We had over the years, stocked our studio with some decent gear including a Roland Keyboard Workstation, numerous guitars, Roland Digital Recording Studio and other assorted equipment. But there came a time, after I joined the military in 2008, that music production sort of faded off into the background. I fooled around with my bass guitar, keyboard and DJ turntables now and again, but for the most part, I had turned that page in my life. So it made perfect sense to put all of my gear up for sale and use the money to buy some new guns! I still had yet to replace my Bushmaster AR15 so a new AR15 was tops on my list. I began my search.

Naturally, I looked at AR15's from Bushmaster before looking at other brands, my budget was $1500.00. I had my sights set on another Optics Ready Carbine when I started eye balling a few nice looking 1911's in the display case at one of my favorite gun shops, Bullseye in Tacoma, WA. I started doing the math in my head...

If I opted for a lower-priced AR15, I could conceivably have enough money left over to also purchase my first full-sized 1911! Now the wheels were turning. A Bushmaster O.R.C. would have cost me around $850 at the time, but then you have to add the cost of your optics which could bump the total cost up to around $1200-$1300. There were, however, alternatives which included a DPMS Panther 16" Carbine with iron sights for around $735. Since I really don't have a practical need for red dot or other close quarter optics, it made sense to purchase the DPMS with iron sights, thereby leaving me enough money to pick out a nice 1911, which I did. Lucky me.

The Springfield 1911-A1 put me over my budget by a couple hundred bucks but who cares? I traded in my music gear for a new AR15 and my first full-sized 1911. I'd say that's an excellent trade considering I just bough all new music equipment with some of my extra deployment money.


I customized my AR a little by adding Magpul hand guards. I can't recommend these hand guards highly enough. THEY ARE AWESOME. Not only do they give my AR a different look, they are extremely comfortable to grip. I also added a recoil buffer to the adjustable stock.

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