Sunday, December 16, 2012

Photos - BFFs Day at the Range - Corrected Pistol Stance

It was nice to see that the shooting range was busy today, given the tragic events of yesterday. I even saw a father with his two young children, one boy around 9-10 years old, the girl perhaps 8 years old at the most, their dad diligently teaching each of them to shoot a .22 caliber rifle. There were husbands and wives there together also and groups of friends, all shooting a wide variety of firearms, safely and responsibly.

I decided to spend the day at the range with my best friend, Carmelita, whom you may remember is the friend I posted about recently when I accompanied her to purchase her very first shotgun. I've been wanting to take her out to get some experience and confidence with that shotgun, a Rock Island Armory M5, today was that day, besides, her birthday is this coming Tuesday and a day at the range was my birthday gift to her. Keep checking back on the blog this week because I shot plenty of video at the skeet/trap range, the pistol range AND the rifle range. But for this first post from today's shoot, I just wanted to highlight a couple of items.

Firstly, let's show off Carmelita's Walther P22 in an ultra-cool ACU color scheme...

Secondly, a tip for new or inexperienced shooters; pay close attention to your stance. Shooting from the correct stance can make a big difference in the accuracy of your shots. Carmelita doesn't have much range time under her belt, and you can plainly see that in her casual stance in the photo below...

Now look at her corrected stance, feet at least shoulder width apart, providing a solid, stable base. This is a huge improvement, one that requires practice and repetition in order to become habit. I noticed that as she got more and more fatigued, her stance reverted back.

And here is her shot group from the Walther P22 at 15 yards. Not bad at all. Good shooting Carmelita and happy birthday!

I brought along a wide variety of firearms for the two of us to enjoy on her birthday. 

Pictured above: Kimber Pro Carry II 9mm and Smith and Wesson M and P (nickel boron) 9mm.

Pictured above from L to R: Springfield 1911 A-1 .45, Kimber Pro Carry II .40, Smith and Wesson M and P (nickel boron) 9mm and Walther P22.

Pictured above from L to R: 1954 Tula SKS, Yugo Mauser 24/47 and Mosin Nagant M44.

Carmelita shot the SKS but she wasn't having any part of the Mauser nor the Mosin Nagant. Once she saw the power and kick coming out of those two World War Two era rifles, not to mention the sound of the blast, she said, no thanks!

I'll edit the video this week, it will include footage from the skeet/trap range where we took both of our shotguns for a spin. I'd never been skeet or trap shooting in my entire life before today. I had no idea it was so much fun! we're most definitely going again.

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