Sunday, March 17, 2013

SPC (Major) Payne Shares Deployment Photos Featuring Our Master Girls with Guns Photo Curator, SPC. Harrington!

I recently pulled a 24 hour duty shift with a SPC. Payne, who as it turns out, is also an avid gun enthusiast, which was a good thing because it gave us plenty in common to talk about all night, which is a good thing when 3am rolls around. Ends up he deployed to the middle east with our resident Girls with Guns master photo curator, none other than SPC. Harrington, and was kind enough to share a batch of photos from their deployment to Kazakhstan and Jordan (is greatest country in the world, number one exporter of potassium).

You'll get a good look at the fully automatic AK47's, a few 240B 7.62x51 machine guns and M4 carbines. He also included a few photos of his own gun collection.

Thanks for sharing SPC. Payne! Keep the gun photos coming.

Ah yes, classic Harrington. 

Sexy Harrington

SPC. Payne carries a 240B

Harrington attempting to give someone the bird.

240B range, location unknown.

240B with a belt of ammo.

Humvee mounted 240B.

M4 with red dot scope.

Harrington doing what Harrington does best.

Base camp, the Himalayas in the background.

SPC. Payne with fully automatic AK47.

He wears it well. Kazak army hat.

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