Sunday, April 8, 2012

Oops, I did it again, bought another gun. Smith and Wesson 5906 (and the 3913).

I should seriously consider avoiding gun web sites for the remainder of my deployment. It seems like every time I go to my favorite gun web sites, there's a deal that's too good to pass up. I went to today and sure enough, there was a gun I've been wanting for a price that was, how shall I put it? Tasty! The Smith and Wesson 5906, stainless 9mm.

The 5906 is sort of the big brother to my other Smith and Wesson stainless, the 3913, which is simply a compact version of the 5906. I've wanted a 3913 and a 5906 ever since I bought a Lady Smith 3913 for my crazy ex-girlfriend back in Arizona (actually we split the cost 50/50). The Lady Smith (pictured below) is a smooth, sleek and sexy compact, all stainless hand gun. The only difference between the Lady Smith and the regular 3913 is that the Lady Smith has the name "Lady Smith" engraved on the slide and it has a grey grip instead of a black grip.

I gave the crazy ex an ultimatum when we broke up, she could either keep the gun or one of our three chihuahuas, Roxie (my favorite), I never saw that gun again and Roxie now lives with my dad down near Ensenada, Mexico. I've been wanting a 3913 ever since. Much like the way I felt about my crazy ex, I just couldn't get past it's good looks. I really didn't care that it had "Lady Smith" engraved on the slide, I'm comfortable enough in my masculinity that I could proudly shoot it at the gun range without fear of getting strange looks from the other shooters. As it turns out, I discovered the original 3913 came without the "Lady Smith" engraving, I also settled for black grips instead of grey. My local gun shop had a nice used one for a good price, so I picked it up about a month before I went on this deployment to Kuwait. Below are the actual photos. It's in great shape, only a couple cosmetic blemishes from regular holster wear.

You can plainly see just how similar the two pistols are, the 5906 features a double stacked magazine that holds 15 rounds as opposed to the more compact, single stacked 3913 which holds 8 rounds, and my crazy ex never owned a 5906.

Both pistols have been featured in numerous movies:

First, the 5906:

Hot Fuzz

Tom Cruise in Collateral

Resident Evil

Complete list of movies the 5906 is featured in - click here

And the 3913:

The Professional (One of my all-time favorite movies)

Beverly Hills Cop 3

Face Off

Complete list of movies the 3913 is featured in - click here.

I plan to add Hogue grips to each of these pistols, a slip-on grip with finger grooves on the 3913 and rubber replacement grips for the 5906. Additional magazines are pricey, around 30-40 dollars a piece, I'd like to get two extra for both. 

Sale price on the used 5906 - $329, delivered. Told you it was too good to pass up.

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  1. Nice! Really too good to pass up. I wouldn't as well if I get a hand on one like that. My gun store ga needs those kind of pretty guns.