Friday, November 23, 2012

The Strictest Gun Laws in the Country

Here I am in Chicago, IL. Visiting my sister for thanksgiving, and I have to admit, it's a bit strange that Illinois doesn't issue concealed carry permits at all.

I try to keep my blog apolitical, but gun laws this strict are far too silly not to bring to light.

NRA, keep working on this will you please?

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Girls with Guns From 30,000 Feet

Gosh how I love wireless technology and the fact that Southwest Airlines offers wi fi on their flights. Readers should be thankful for this as well because it means I can post the latest Girls with Guns photo gallery even though I'm currently flying high somewhere over South Dakota!

Happy Thanksgiving and happy shooting!

This Thanksgiving I'm Thankful For These Amazing Gun Photos

As I compose this post I am 30,000 feet over South Dakota, en route to Chicago. Thanks to WiFi service available from Southwest Airlines (5 bucks), I can keep the blog updated! It's a good way to pass the time and cure the boredom of flying. As luck would have it, I'm sitting next to an infant/mother, but the kid has been quiet, thankfully.

And now here are some amazing photos of guns. Happy thanksgiving!

T-Shirts Coming Soon!

Here are the final T-Shirt designs for the initial launch of my T-Shirt shop. T-Shirt shop will be open next week.

I'll be looking to add 2-3 new T-Shirt designs every other month.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Deployment Video for SPC Nil

While on my deployment to Kuwait, I snapped a good number of photos and shot some video of my battle buddy Nil. Just threw this short video together as my way of saying thanks for helping me make it through the deployment. We had some good times, bad times and tough times, but Nil always helped keep me laughing!

Thanks and enjoy the video!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My Best Friend Buys Her First Shotgun

I stopped by the gunsmith to pick up my Kimber Pro Carry II .40 (I'll be posting about the feed ramp polish job the gunsmith did in the next few days), the gunsmith shop is located right next door to a small boutique gun shop in Tacoma, Washington called Mary's Pistols. My best (platonic) female friend, Carmeleequa (that's not her real name) and I, couldn't resist doing a little window shopping while we were in such close proximity to a gun shop, and while we were there, she spotted an eye-catching shotgun which turned out to be the Rock Island Armory M5 shotgun.

As you can see in the photo above, she was ecstatic about her purchase.

She lives alone, not in the best part of town, but not in the worst either. As a single girl, living in an un-gated community, she felt that a shotgun would be the best choice for home defense. The only other firearm she owns is a Walther P22 and well, that just isn't going to do the trick for home defense now is it? I pitched in 100 bucks towards the purchase price as my birthday/XMas gift to her. Nice friend eh?

The Rock Island Armory M5 shotgun is perhaps the best quality, value shotgun on the market today. I'm much happier knowing my best friend has a solid option for home defense. Just the sound of a shell being loaded into a pump action shotgun ought to be enough to scare the "bajeezus" out of any would be intruder.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Real or Photoshop? I Must Know

Happy Veterans Day.

While most of you are enjoying the long holiday weekend, lest you forget those that have fallen and served in the righteous defense of the constitution and liberty, nor should you forget about a certain blogger SGT. who didn't get to enjoy a 4 day weekend, but rather, is freezing his ass off on the frozen, rolling hills of Yakima Training Center, eating MREs and powdered eggs, sleeping on a cot, and slinging rockets from a HIMARS.

On that note: I ran across this photo of a Walther P22 in an American flag motif. Can anyone confirm, is this real or Photoshop?

Saturday, November 3, 2012

In Case You're Wondering

This is what a HIMARS rocket launcher looks like up close.

Rocket Week

I'll try to post from my mobile device, however, I'm not sure if I'll have service once we get out to the training area.

Two weeks in Yakima to door d some live rockets and do a little training.

Sleepless nights, MREs, tents, cots and wildlife.

Gotta love it. On the other hand we do get to shoot rockets which not many people get to do.