Monday, July 8, 2019

War Eagles Air Museum

P40 Thunderbolt on display at War Eagles Air Museum, Santa Teresa, New Mexico

The War Eagles Air Museum can be found just West of El Paso in the border town of Santa Teresa, New Mexico. The entirety of it's collection, save for three aircraft, are housed in one hangar. It's an impressive museum collection, given it's small size and what has to be a relatively small budget. The aircraft collection is augmented with a vintage car collection which has been spread out among the parked aircraft in the hanger.  

Some of my favorites among the aircraft include the P-38 Lightning, the F-4 Corsair, the A-26 Invader and MiG-21. 

There are a ton of amazing cars but by far my favorite was the 1935 Aubrun Boattail. I mean, whoah!

The day I visited, coincidentally, was the very last day to visit before the museum raised their prices. The new price for military active duty or veterans is now $9, compared to $4 previously. That's a pretty substantial increase. Regular price for civilians is now $11 for adults, children and students are free.

IF you ever find yourself in the EL Paso area, it's worth a visit. War Eagles website.

1935 Packard 120.

A7-E Corsair II

Tupolev TU-2

1936 Packard

F-4U Corsair

1935 Auburn Boattail

1932 Chevrolet 2 door

1930 Model A Roadster

1959 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud II

Canadair T-33 Shooting Star

PT 17 Stearman

Talon 38A

A26 Invader

Model of an aircraft carrier flight deck

F-86 Saber

MiG-15 UTI

MiG-15 Cockpit

Flight cameras

P-38 Lightning

P-51 Mustang

F-4U Corsair

TBM Avenger




War Eagles Air Museum

1908 Overland

Model of Junkers JU-88 "Stuka"

P-51 Mustang

Tupolev  TU-2

Corsair II

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