Monday, August 26, 2019

1st and 3rd Cavalry Museums - Fort Hood, Texas

Fort Hood, Texas is home to two modest military museums, the 1st Cavalry and the 3rd Cavalry, both with a rich and colorful history. I had a chance to visit both recently and wanted to share the photos with you. It's a massive photo gallery, 149 photos in all, I think.

Honestly, I expected a bit more from the 1st Cavalry Division Museum, I mean, we are talking about THE First Cav!

Both museums are free to visit. Unfortunately, the indoor displays at the 3rd Cavalry Museum were closed due to a broken air conditioner on the day I was visiting. But the outdoor displays were most certainly open for all to enjoy.

By the way, I proudly wear the 1st Cavalry Division patch on the right side sleeve of my duty uniform as I was attached to 1-82 FA BN of the 1st Cav during Operation Enduring Freedom 2010-2011.

Below, the Hall of Honor is quite moving and stirs up a lot of pride and emotion. Reading the commendations is humbling to say the least. 

The outdoor displays are another story, they blow away the indoor displays in terms of impressiveness. Tons of cool tanks, artillery pieces and samples from foreign armed forces as well.

M3 Stuart Light Tank

Self-propelled howitzer

Sherman Medium Tank

BELOW starts the photos from the 3rd Cavalry Museum, also located on Fort Hood.

Soviet Anti-Aircraft Quad Gun

T55 Battle Tank

T72 Main Battle Tank

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