Monday, August 3, 2020

Trump Haters Hate Those Pesky Things Called Facts

I'm sure this will come as no surprise to you Republican voters and Trump supporters (I am a Libertarian, so I cannot therefore being accused of being a Trump supporter per se, although, I do prefer him as President over old Creepy Joe), but as you can see in the comment thread below, left-leaning, anti-Trump liberals care not about those pesky things called facts. They seem only to care about bashing Trump, regardless of the facts and to hell with you if you do not agree completely with their opinions. Not only that but they also seem to enjoy name calling. Not sure why?

When I simply attempted to remind them about how government works, I was quickly accused of "spinning" the facts. I'm not sure how the fact of how bills are passed by the legislature can be spun but anyway...

The headline in the article that was posted bashes Trump for heading out to one of his golf courses despite the failure of Congress to pass the most recent stimulus spending bill. As you can see, I merely commented that it falls on Congress and the Senate to pass bills, not the President, but ooooohhhh they just wouldn't have it with those darn facts...

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