Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Must Read!

Columbine Survivor Pens Bold Open Letter to Obama Rejecting Gun Control: ‘Whose Side Are You On?’ |

Friday, February 22, 2013

My AK47 Sniper Rifle

This is a photo of my WASR10, complete with sniper scope, bipod and recoil butt pad.

I set it up so that it's easy to switch from the sniper scope to a red dot.

Stay tuned for a future video when I zero my rifle.

Proper Firearms Training

I am a firm believer in proper firearms training. This photos is an excellent example of a proper stance.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Holy crap! It's like the wild west all over again.

ERR - LA Times - Rolling gun battle on Las Vegas Strip leaves 3 dead, 3 injured

Interesting factoid in this article out of my home state of Washington

An interesting article on its own, but look down about halfway through the article and you'll read a paragraph regarding the ATF pulling (eliminating) ballistics computers from crime labs in over 60 cities across the country. Seriously?

Now put that together with the new anti-gun bills that have recently been introduced such as the Feinstien proposed ban, and it becomes painfully evident that the Federal government has its priorities all screwed up. Not that that is anything new, but why are we not enforcing to a greater degree, the guns laws currently on the books? Why isn't the Federal government focusing on law-breakers?

Read more at the following link...

Incredible Historic Photo

Usually, I loathe use of the word "epic", I've recently heard it used in two terrible television commercials. However, this historic photo is an excellent example of the proper application on the word...

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Weird Gun Photo of the Day

I have no idea what's going on in this picture. Perhaps a caption contest is in order? Winner gets a T-Shirt. Send your captions to

Friday, February 15, 2013

Czech VZ24 Mauser

Here's a photo of the new Czech VZ24 Mauser 8mm which is the replacement for my stolen VZ24. There are some very minor dings and pitting on the barrel and receiver but the amount of which is negligible. The stock is in really great shape. This rifle arrived in fine condition and I look forward to shooting it. 

Upgrades to Sig Sauer M400 Complete

Upgrades to my Sig Sauer M400 (AR15 platform) are now complete, but not without considerable effort. Adding the recoil butt pad, Magpul front hand guard and red dot scope was easy enough, but replacing the stock grip with a Hogue grip was a headache and took half a day to complete.

The first problem was that the Hogue grip I ordered from was missing the screw. It wasn't in the packaging, it didn't fall out or anything like that, it just simply wasn't there. The second problem was that the factory grip was held in place by a hex screw and needed a long allen wrench to remove. I bought a ratchet screwdriver set that included allen wrench tips but the screwdriver itself was too wide to fit into the grip, it wouldn't go down in far enough to make contact with the screw. Fortunately, the ratchet set only cost me 9 bucks, now I have a new set to add to my tool kit. 

I had no choice but to take the M400 into the gun smith so that he could replace the grip for me, but even this was a struggle. In the end, the Hogue grip made it onto my M400 and I am a happy camper.

Take a look at the finished product in the photos below.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Video - Ashley's First Time... Shooting a gun!

It feels great to be able to post videos again. I just received my new lap top computer this week, so it;s nice to be back at the editing table.

It's been a stressful few weeks, both personally and professionally, which prompted me to invite one of my soldiers, who has also been stressed out, his lovely wife Ashley and a couple other friends, for a night of shooting and pizza!

We had a great time, my good friend Ryan, who has been featured in several previous videos, brought along his brand new Remington R1 -1911 and boy was I ever impressed. It had an impressively light trigger pull, even lighter than my Springfield 1911-A1. I brought along a variety of firearms including; Smith and Wesson 3913 and 5906, Sig Sauer P226 and a couple of shot guns, the CAI double barrel and the Rock Island M5 pump action.

The Rock Island M5 recently came back from the gun smith with a clean bill of health. The good news, as you will see in the video, is that the M5 functioned flawlessly shooting two different brands of buck shot, however, not so much the next day when I attempted to again shoot target shot through it at the skeet range. A return trip to the gun smith simply got me a "it doesn't like target loads" answer, and that's ok, because it's primary use is as a home defense shot gun and slugs and buck shot is what I'll be putting through it. So in my book, it's good to go.

All in all it was a fun evening punctuated by delicious pizza, as you know, I always enjoy sharing my enjoyment of shooting with my friends, which made this particular evening, a resounding success!

Enjoy the video and stay tuned for more coming soon!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Return of Girls with Guns Photo Gallery, The Harrington Edition Part 3

Thanks again to my good buddy SPC. Harrington for supplying me with a steady stream of Girls with Guns photos. If not for him, I would be starting from scratch since the lap tops that were stolen from me contained over a years worth of photos. All gone.

But now, we can continue with the stuff we love, girls with guns!

It's nice to be back.
 Welcomes a New Contributor - Sgt. Davis

I'm happy to welcome on-board my good friend and shooting buddy, SGT. Davis who will be a regular contributor to

If you've been following my blog, and I hope you have, you should be familiar with SGT. Davis as he has been featured in several videos and posts. He is a great friend who has recently moved away for a fresh start in a new MOS and a new duty station. Such is life in the army. I look forward to visiting him when I get back from my 2 year tour to Korea.

SGT. Davis taught me the basics of a tactical reload with an AK47 and we always have great fun shooting our Mosin Nagants together, even though we tend to bruise our shoulders every time we do. I got smart and purchased a padded shooting vest just.

Welcome to SGT. Davis and thanks for contributing!

He sends this cool photo of a rattle snake and 1911. Real snake? If so, that;s incredible. The photo is amazing either way.

Extremely Well Written Article - A Highly Recommended Read

The Feds Wage War On Our Guns, While Maintaining Their Right To Carry - Forbes

Friday, February 8, 2013

Red Dots Arrived Today

Had a few packages waiting for me when I got home today, one of which contained 3 red dot scopes which I wasted not the I mounting to my arsenal. As with my previous AK47s, I had to file down the new receiver covers a little so they would fit. The new receiver covers came from NcStar and they feature top mounted rails.

I've also ordered a bipod and 3x50 scope which I can use on my WASR10. It'll be a nice luxury to be able to switch back and forth between using a red dot or a scope. I also bought an off-set scope mount so that I can use the scope on the Sig Sauer M400 if I choose.

Stay tuned for more updates as I re-equip.

Oh, I almost forgot, the new lap top arrived as well, so look for more videos and the new site design too.

Go Sen. Ted Cruz!

Watch "Senator Ted Cruz not only Swept the floor on the Gun Control Hearings..he took out the trash" on YouTube

New Bandito T-shirt Available Now!

Check out the new all-black T-shirt design that I'm calling The Bandito!

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

SKS and M44

More and more arriving daily! Today I received the 1953 Russian SKS and the 1946 M44 (DDR East German).

They are both in absolutely excellent condition.

Still to come the Czech vz24 Mauser and 1955 Tula SKS (also DDR East German).

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Oh Yeah!

Thank you Mary's Pistols for taking care of the transfer for my new Sig Sauer M400 and Polish underfold AKMS!

As always, the staff was polite, friendly and helpful.

And thanks Progressive Home Advantage renters insurance for getting my claim paid so quickly!

As you can see, I'm a happy camper, 3 of my 7 stolen rifles replaced with 3 more coming this week.

The new lap top is en route as well so stay tuned.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Slowly Getting Back to Normal (however you define normal)

Made my first trip to the range since the break-in and boy was t fun, and extremely expensive. The cost of ammo has nearly doubled since the last time I went to Bullseye Indoor Range in Tacoma, Wa. It's perhaps a blessing in disguise that I'm headed to Korea in a couple months. Maybe ammo prices will be lower when I get back in 2015!

We shot some good video so you can expect that in about two weekend because... I received my insurance payment and ordered a new lap top computer this morning, should be delivered next week.

I'm working on 3 new T-Shirt designs, the new web site design and new videos.

My good buddy Harrington has been inundating me with countless girls with guns photos, so look for more photo gallery updates as well, just as soon as my new computer arrives!