Saturday, February 2, 2013

Slowly Getting Back to Normal (however you define normal)

Made my first trip to the range since the break-in and boy was t fun, and extremely expensive. The cost of ammo has nearly doubled since the last time I went to Bullseye Indoor Range in Tacoma, Wa. It's perhaps a blessing in disguise that I'm headed to Korea in a couple months. Maybe ammo prices will be lower when I get back in 2015!

We shot some good video so you can expect that in about two weekend because... I received my insurance payment and ordered a new lap top computer this morning, should be delivered next week.

I'm working on 3 new T-Shirt designs, the new web site design and new videos.

My good buddy Harrington has been inundating me with countless girls with guns photos, so look for more photo gallery updates as well, just as soon as my new computer arrives!

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