Friday, February 15, 2013

Upgrades to Sig Sauer M400 Complete

Upgrades to my Sig Sauer M400 (AR15 platform) are now complete, but not without considerable effort. Adding the recoil butt pad, Magpul front hand guard and red dot scope was easy enough, but replacing the stock grip with a Hogue grip was a headache and took half a day to complete.

The first problem was that the Hogue grip I ordered from was missing the screw. It wasn't in the packaging, it didn't fall out or anything like that, it just simply wasn't there. The second problem was that the factory grip was held in place by a hex screw and needed a long allen wrench to remove. I bought a ratchet screwdriver set that included allen wrench tips but the screwdriver itself was too wide to fit into the grip, it wouldn't go down in far enough to make contact with the screw. Fortunately, the ratchet set only cost me 9 bucks, now I have a new set to add to my tool kit. 

I had no choice but to take the M400 into the gun smith so that he could replace the grip for me, but even this was a struggle. In the end, the Hogue grip made it onto my M400 and I am a happy camper.

Take a look at the finished product in the photos below.

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