Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Girls with Guns - November 2014 Edition

I am about to extend my tour here in Korea through the end of my enlistment contract, which, if approved, would keep me in Korea until around January 2016, at which point I will return to Washington and my beloved gun collection. I will have been gone almost 3 years (holy crap) and a lot will have changed. I'm anxious to see how my guns held up in storage for so long. I did prep them for long term storage but had I known I'd be gone for 3 years, I would have gooped them up in more gun grease.

I'm not able to update the blog as often as I'd like because I'm not doing much shooting over here in Korea and as an active duty soldier, I try to avoid getting political, so I don't weigh in too much on the controversial gun topics. I haven't received any hate email so I figure my occasional updates are keeping most readers coming back at least occasionally, so that's good. In that spirit I give you the November 2014 Edition of Girls with Guns!