Tuesday, September 27, 2016

New Video - Shooting Tannerite with Friends and Cute Girls!

I had a "blast" shooting some Tannerite with Nick, Dave and the beautiful Brianna and Marina. We shot a number of firearms including a few AR15's, an RPK, Mauser and a few .22's and pistols. But the highlight of the afternoon, of course, was the Tannerite. I got a few slow motion video shots and even some drone video from overhead.

I also shot some 8mm ammo from the 1950's with mixed results. The ammo was difficult to cycle and the primers are completely unreliable, one round failed to fire completely even though the firing pin struck it squarely.

Enjoy the video and leave a comment!

When in Doubt - Girls with Guns

I was just looking at my blog here and realized I haven't posted in a while. Stay tuned for a new video coming later this week. My friend Nick and I went out to shoot up some tannerite with a friend of his, Dave and two very good looking girls. In the spirit of good looking girls, here is another installment of Girls with Guns, which works well as an update when there's nothing else to post...