Saturday, February 9, 2013 Welcomes a New Contributor - Sgt. Davis

I'm happy to welcome on-board my good friend and shooting buddy, SGT. Davis who will be a regular contributor to

If you've been following my blog, and I hope you have, you should be familiar with SGT. Davis as he has been featured in several videos and posts. He is a great friend who has recently moved away for a fresh start in a new MOS and a new duty station. Such is life in the army. I look forward to visiting him when I get back from my 2 year tour to Korea.

SGT. Davis taught me the basics of a tactical reload with an AK47 and we always have great fun shooting our Mosin Nagants together, even though we tend to bruise our shoulders every time we do. I got smart and purchased a padded shooting vest just.

Welcome to SGT. Davis and thanks for contributing!

He sends this cool photo of a rattle snake and 1911. Real snake? If so, that;s incredible. The photo is amazing either way.

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