Sunday, January 20, 2013

What Do I Carry Now?

Having moved out of my apartment, with my entire (remaining) collection now in secured storage, sleeping on a friends sofa until I deploy to Korea, the question is; I can only realistically carry and keep one hand gun on me, which is it?

I recently purchased my first revolver, a Ruger SP101, a fantastic concealed carry revolver. With 5 rounds of .357 Hornady Critical defense ammunition, it's got heavy stopping power. Fits nicely into my IWB nylon holster in the small of my back.

I don't feel like I need 16 rounds of .40 like I did when I was sleeping, restlessly and rather in fear those last few nights in my apartment, so the Ruger is the perfect fit for my daily personal protection needs now.

I've already begun replacing the stolen rifles. Picked up a WASR10 at a pawn shop the other day. I paid 999.00 a tough pill to swallow given that I only paid 599 for the one that was stolen. It'll be the same story for my AR15 and AKMS Polish Underfold. I'll probably end up paying 1300 for an AR (paid 710 for my DPMS) and I'll probably pay around 1000 for an AKMS. Ouch. Well, the price is secondary, their value to me and how much I enjoy shooting them trumps the price.

It should be easy to find a SKS, M44 Mosin Nagant, VZ24 Mauser and a Ruger 10/22.

Next I have to get a new lap top so I can start producing new videos.

Stay tuned. I'll be coming back strong.

They stole my guns, but not my spirit, positive attitude, nor my enjoyment of shooting sports! Oh yeah, and Girls with Guns will go on strong as well!

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