Sunday, April 6, 2014

Rusty Buys an M1 Carbine

Yesterday, I mistakenly posted the announcement that my good army buddy had purchased a Ruger Mini-14, however, he corrected me and sure enough, that beauty is in fact, an M1 Carbine! It was the scope that threw me off. Don't see many M!'s with a scope.

Looking good with that scope, but I still think my stainless steel Ruger Mini-14 (below) with 40 round stainless magazines is the top dog. Just looks so clean and sleek! EDIT: My Ruger Mini-14 does look sleek and clean, but I simply cannot put it in the same category as an M1 Carbine.


Rusty was kind enough to send some more photos of his Universal M1 Carbine. Although, I should give him some photography lessons.

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