Saturday, April 6, 2013

Video - Preparing Firearms for Long Term Storage

Sadly, I'll be deploying to Korea soon (in 45 days or so) and that means the time has come to put my firearms in secure storage for the next 1-2 years. I set about prepping my long guns for long term storage today, guided by the advice of a local gun smith who suggested I pack my firearms in gun grease, wrapped (mummified) in muslin cotton sheets. This suggestion saved me a lot of money! I had been looking at these Z-Corr Firearms Storage Bags from but at 14 bucks a piece it would cost me way too much money to bag all my long guns this way. As it turned out, the gun grease cost me just 8 dollars and the cotton fabric, enough yardage for 24 long guns, only cost me around 36 dollars.

Buy Gun Grease at

I cleaned each rifle, coated all the metal parts in the gun grease then wrapped 'em up. I said good bye to my rifles. Tomorrow I'll pack the hand guns in a similar fashion.

Think I have enough long guns? I don't think so.

Basking in a pool of rifles.

Strike a pose.

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