Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Hello Korea

I've arrived in Seoul, South Korea! I'm at Yongsan until late Monday afternoon, at which time I'll head up towards area 1 where I'll in-process for a week before reporting to my unit. The flight took me from Seattle to Osawa, Japan and finally on to Osan AFB. The drive from Osan to Seoul was about an our and a half. We had a short brief then E-5 and above we're given hotel rooms as the barracks were full. Lucky for me because E-6 and below were supposed have stayed in the barracks.

Seoul is a huge and sprawling city! I look forward to doing a little sightseeing with my time off. I'll take and share lots of photos and videos.

Current local time is 0307am. I'm gong to try and get some more sleep.

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