Friday, June 19, 2015

Opinion: Charleston, South Carolina Hate Shooting

I personally cannot fathom what goes on inside the mind of someone who is deranged enough to shoot, slaughter innocent people. Many are calling this a hate crime, which it is. Some are calling it a terrorist act, this would also be accurate. And yes, of course, Obama has taken the opportunity to throw the subject of gun control in this mix. If you've been visiting this blog and enjoying the almost infinite amount of Girls with Guns Photo Galleries, you'll know that I typically refrain from posting my opinion on gun-related events and tragedies due to my status as an active duty service member, but this time I felt compelled to share my voice and opinion with any willing to listen.

Since the dawn of man, evil has coexisted with good. There will always be evil doers and there must always be do-gooders to counter that evil. And as tragic as this incident is, we must think about our place in the world as free people. Gun control advocates point to Australia as an example of how we might go about eliminating the Second Amendment. But we as Americans hold freedom a little more dearly I must say because here is the reality that I see.

True, chances are, I, you, might never need to use a gun in self-defense BUT is it freedom to live in a world where only governments and police bear firearms? No it is not.

The price of freedom is tolerance.

The root of this tragedy is ignorance. Pure and simple. We, as a nation must promote harmony, peace, love, tolerance, mutual respect, knowledge and hold out a helping hand, a shoulder to cry on for those in need. For those in our country who feel hated in their hearts, let us find them and show them another way. Let each of us take it upon ourselves to do SOMETHING to better our communities and spread more love and positive energy into the world, instead of hatred and ignorance.

But even with the greatest possible effort by all of us willing, there will still be evil.

Unless ALL governments of the world are willing to lay down their arms, I will cherish the Second Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America, which I have sworn to defend and I will continue to enjoy the FREEDOM to keep and bear arms. I will continue to enjoy collecting, target shooting and legally carry my firearms. If ONLY someone at that church had been armed. If only... then maybe a good person, could have done what some many good people throughout history have done when confronted with evil... they could have fought.

My thoughts and condolences go out to everyone affected by this tragedy.

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