Friday, February 24, 2017

1943 Turkish Mauser - Ankara

Today I added an 8th Mauser to my growing military Mauser collection. This one is a gorgeous 1943 Ankara Turkish Mauser in 8mm. This model is commonly known to US importers as the Model 1938. However, from my research I have learned that the Model 1938 isn't just one rifle with common parts. The Turks often cobbled together Mauser parts that were interchangeable, to make complete rifles. Turkish Mausers will often have non-matching serial numbers and slight variations in the stock etc. The normal stock on a Mauser such as this, is 4 inches or so longer than a K98 or Yugoslav 24/47 type of Mauser with the top hand guard only extending a little more than halfway to the front of the barrel and it looks a lot like a Gewer 98 in that respect.

Normally, I only like to purchase military surplus rifles with the original stock intact and NOT refinished. Whenever possible I like to preserve the historical accuracy of the rifle, which means, an original, untouched stock. But in this case, I went ahead an picked up this rifle even though it has a refinished stock because whoever refinished it did an AMAZING job. The wood looks so fabulous, as does the rest of the rifle.

I purchased this rifle from a local gun shop which has recently opened up here on the West side of El Paso, called Drake Fine Sporting Arms. The guys that run it are military veterans, they always have good deals on firearms and ammo and do really great gunsmithing work. I just dropped off a Russian SKS with them today that had a stuck bolt, I'll report back on the repair. Anyway, if you're in the El Paso area, stop by and check them out - WEBSITE / FACEBOOK

Stay tuned for a range/shooting video of this rifle coming soon!

Turkish Mauser 1943 Ankara

You get a good look at the crest on the receiver. The bolt, receiver and barrel are all in excellent condition.

Here you get a good look at the refinished stock. You can see why I couldn't pass it up.

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