Wednesday, October 24, 2012

WASR-AK47 Refinish

I guess it's picture sharing week here at My Gun Diary.

I refinished my WASR-AK47 a while back but neglected to post before and after photos until now, sorry. Better late than never though eh? I was originally going to shoot a video of the refinishing job but there are already so many refinishing videos out there, besides, it's relatively boring to shoot a refinishing video.

The pictures tell the story just fine.



The recipe...

I went with a MINWAX Red Oak 215 for the stain. Of course, I sanded the stock first, not that there was anything to sand off of the stock to begin with because it pretty much came unfinished, In any event, I wanted to have a nice, clean, smooth surface to apply the finish to, so I sanded it down.

After applying two coats of finish, I gave it a nice seal with MINWAX Clear Semi Glass Polyurethane which came in a spray can! It was so easy to use, I had already taped off the metal parts with painters tape, so it was basically just a matter of spraying the Polyurethane on evenly. I let it dry and applied a second coat.

The wood needed a couple of days to dry, even in front of a fan, so be patient.

I was extremely pleased with the results.

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