Monday, February 3, 2014

Video - Guy Posts Profanity and Anger Laced Video re:

I have never had any problems with my many purchases from Their web site is user friendly, they offer a wide variety of products at fair prices and a fabulous layaway policy which I have taken advantage of many time. However, one particular gun buyer was not very happy with his purchase.

This guy has a sizeable You Tube following, but I wonder, is he actually as angry as he appears to be in this video? Or is he acting it up for the sake of comedy? It's pretty clear to me that he is seriously angry, which then leads me to the questions: Is this an obvious enough example of out of control rage and anger to have someone mentally evaluated? Is this the sort of person that might "snap"?

What are your thoughts?

Regardless (irregardless isn't a word BTW), he should have inspected his firearm when he picked it up at his FFL, he could have then refused the package and it would have been sent back to Buds.

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