Thursday, March 13, 2014

Unit Public Affairs Representative

Well, as it turns out all this blogging and photography has led to my appointment as my Unit Public Affairs Representative. The previous Public Affairs guy is getting out of the army and the Colonel had taken notice of my work as my Battery Public Affairs Rep. So, they moved me up to Headquarters and I am now the Liaison NCOIC and Unit Public Affairs. Now I get to take pictures for the army!

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1/38 Field Artillery Battalion "Steel Behind the Rock"

Here are a few recent highlights from my photo galleries.

The crew of "Cerebus" MLRS Launcher from Charlie Battery 1/38FA

2ID Combatives Tournament

PFC Hudson from HHB 1/38FA takes First Place in his weight class.

1LT Purnell from HHB 1/38FA takes First place in the Thunder Fitness Challenge.

Top finishers from 1/38FA posing with SGM Dotson (far right) and LTC Potoczny (Second from left)

Sit-up event - Thunder Fitness Challenge

1LT Clincy moments after finishing the 3 mile run.

PFC Harley at the finish line!

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