Monday, May 9, 2016

My Gun Diary Moves to El Paso

Hello America! You look marvelous!

I have FINALLY returned to the USA after spending the past 3 years in Korea (stationed at Camp Casey, near the DMZ).

I have just completed a 3 day drive/move from Seattle/Tacoma to the East side of El Paso where I will begin a new assignment at Fort Bliss and a new life.

My entire firearms collection has been in storage for the past 3 years, naturally, I loaded all of them up in the UHaul and brought them along with me to El Paso.

Funny how of all the tasks I need to get done for the move-in, the first thing I did was set up the spare room as my gun library. I mounted gun racks on the walls and lined the room with a large ammo crate and several smaller ammo crates. It's going to take some time to clean all of the guns. I coated them all with a fair amount of gun grease and wrapped them in cotton muslin sheets per instructions from a gun smith. So far, all my guns look to be in the same condition in which I left them 3 years ago. There was only one AK47 magazine that had a bit of rust and a set of old Mosin Nagant 91/30 cleaning tools that also had a bit of rust. Everything else seems to be rust-free! What a relief.

I figure it will take me a couple weeks to get them all cleaned up. I'm already shooting some video footage for my first new gun video in a few years.

Time to get a pulse going on my favorite blog... My Gun Diary!

The photos below are of my new gun library...

Stay tuned for more!

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