Wednesday, June 15, 2016

I Just Went Out and Bought ANOTHER AR15 Because Fuck You, That's Why.

Why does anyone need an AR15 is the question that's been tossed around for the last few years. Hunters don't use them and they are far too high-powered for any practical use. Only the military uses them etc etc etc.

Let me tell you why, because freedom that's why.

How many of you know what the words freedom and liberty mean in the every day practical sense? Not very many. Freedom and liberty are experienced by those brave enough to blaze their own trail, beholden to no one, to push the limits of the experience of life to say things others are afraid to say and to do things others are afraid to do.

I'm not talking about breaking the law, I'm talking about testing the limits of Freedom of Expression, Freedom of Speech, the Right to Bear Arms, questioning authority in regards to Reasonable Searches and Seizures etc.

Most of us live our lives in a bubble of mundane day-to-day activities. Going to work, going to kids soccer practice, watching movies, baking chicken for dinner and the once-a-year vacation. We watch sports and The Kardashians and are aghast at news such as what came out of Orlando this week, as well we should.

But some of us understand the value of freedom and liberty and choose to enjoy those rights to the utmost. It can be risky, just ask the likes of Larry Flynt, who chose to test the limits of the First Amendment and CJ Grisham who was arrested while legally carrying a rifle testing the limits of the Second Amendment. Let's not forget Distric of Columbia vs. Heller and McDonald vs. the City of Chicago.

What good are our rights if we don't use and/or enjoy them?

Let me talk about the First Amendment for a moment; How many people in the world truly have the freedom to say whatever the fuck they want to say in their daily lives? Not radio talk show hosts or television personalities, no, they are censored by the FCC, so that's not where you'll find Freedom of Speech. You and I can't say what we want at work, we'll get fired. In public we're talking about comedians on stage, internet radio (where the FCC doesn't censor because it's a subscription based service), bloggers, such as myself (but even I watch what I say since I am still on active duty in the army) and that's about it.

I have known the taste of freedom and liberty and the epiphany of it all inspires, and it reminds me of what I'm am "fighting" for while serving in the armed forces. We hear it all the time, "we're fighting for freedom". Oh yeah? Well, tell me what that word means to you.

Freedom is going out into the middle of the desert and taking video of a sexy big titty porn star shooting 30 rounds, rapid fire through an AR15 while topless, then getting a blow job afterwards and putting it up on the internet where people pay to see it. If that's not freedom I don't know what is. It was a truly liberating and enlightening experience.

Freedom is authoring a blog post about my day today, which consisted of driving out to Sportsman's Elite in West El Paso and buying ANOTHER AR15 because FUCK YOU that's why. Why do I need two AR15's? Because I have the right and the freedom to do it. And I enjoy shooting guns, not at people, at targets and empty soda cans, perhaps the occasional water bottle. It's fun to shoot guns, safely. 

And now we must talk about the price of freedom, which is a very sad and difficult subject. The price of freedom is tolerance. Yes, from time to time, a madman or religious extremist will wreak havoc and kill innocents, sometimes with firearms, other times with a knife and yet other times with a bomb. Ok, yes, I agree, we should make it more difficult for madmen and religious extremists to get their hands on firearms. But there are plenty of laws already in place that don't do shit to stop them. More laws? Uh, no. Ban AR15's, it's been done and it doesn't work and besides, now you're infringing on MY freedom. The ATF, FBI and Homeland Security need to do a better job of investigating and going after known terrorists. This fucking guy in Orlando was KNOWN to the FBI. I put the blame squarely on their shoulders. Ah but it's just too tempting to blame the gun, the beautiful AR15.

The answer to violence and the fight against terror (not that terror will ever be stamped out completely because it's existed since the dawn of man, as have weapons) means changing the minds of our enemies. We have to show them, by our love of life, freedom and liberty how good life can be when you're truly free. Islamists aren't free. Shit, criticizing Mohammed will get your head chopped off. Don't even crack a religious joke, and forget about drawing a cartoon of the fucking guy. Come on world, lighten up. Smoke a little weed, bury your head in a pair of big titties and go out and fire some rounds through one of your many AR15's AT TARGETS, not people. Life is good.

Yes, I now own two AR15's, bought my second one today, because fuck you, that's why.

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