Monday, June 13, 2016

Thoughts as I Wait for my Carry Permit

Orlando, Florida... what a tragedy. What a sad world we live in when certain people take their radical religious beliefs to an insane level. Radicalized, extreme religion IS insanity. Already, in the United States, a mentally unstable person is not supposed to be able to buy a firearm. So let's enforce the laws already on the books. But how?

When I think about the practical, logical reasons I accept the responsibility of legally carrying a firearm, I think about the possible scenarios that I might NEED to do so. Well, there's personal defense, in case I am ever attacked by someone attempting to rob me, car jacking etc. There's home defense (for which I don't need a carry permit but this scenario still enters my thoughts) and there are unforeseen contingencies, like domestic terror. Any of these scenarios are ENTIRELY within the realm of possibility.

I'm not paranoid, I still believe the likelihood of being caught up in an event in which I might need to use my firearm is slim. But, it's possible, and so, I carry.

I also carry for the simple fact that it is MY RIGHT to do so. I am a law-abiding citizen and an active duty soldier in the US Army. The Second Amendment is just one of the tenants that our founding fathers saw fit to enshrine in the Constitution a document which I am sworn to defend. But I digress...

I have had my mind made up to carry my Ruger SP101 .357 Magnum revolver as my everyday carry, mostly because I feel more comfortable carrying a revolver than having to carry with a chambered round in a semi-auto, but the events of Orlando reminded me that as a responsible gun owner and law-abiding citizen, I might also have to shoulder the responsibility of defending someone else's life, if the situation ever arose.

I don't usually care for attending events that draw large crowds. And other than the occasional live sporting event, or concert, I tend to shy away from them, if for no other reason than I simply don't like large crowds. But with Orlando, I'm reminded of another perfectly good reason to stay away from gatherings of large crowds. Events that draw large crowds are usually events at which legally carried firearms are not allowed. Why would I want to be someplace at which my main source of personal protection is taken away, given this place is a likely target for a terrorist attack?

My carry permit should arrive in the mail soon, and when it does, I'll carry nothing less than a .45 caliber 1911 with at least 2 extra magazines, some days I might even carry my .40 caliber Springfield XDM with at least 2 extra magazines. And while my Ruger SP101 is a fine revolver, it's 5 round capacity simply won't do if a life-threatening situation ever arises. It's a back up piece. I might carry it if I am out on a date and want to carry a pistol that definitely won't be noticed, but short of that, I probably won't carry it very often. A real emergency, such as Orlando, requires the maximum level of defense possible.

I'm truly sad at the news of what happened yesterday in Orlando. I see "most" Americans as my brothers and sisters. I say "most" because anyone who spews hate, who espouses radicalized, religious extremism to the point of killing over an ideology, is NOT my brother or sister. I am a law-abiding American citizen and I will see it as a call-to-action if politicians move to take away my right to defend myself. I will get politically involved, and use whatever means at my disposal (like my blog) to promote support for the Second Amendment.

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