Monday, December 31, 2012

I was making lobster for NYE dinner and then I got a phone call (regarding a shotgun)

I was busy making a terrific seafood dinner for my best friend, Carmelita and myself in celebration of New Years Eve. Dinner included lobster tails, potato crusted cod, crab legs, cheesy broccoli rice, garlic mashed potatoes and Caesar salad.
I poured a couple glasses of white wine (white hours with chicken and fish, red wines go with meat and red sauces, to enlighten those of you who might not be aware) and we enjoyed an appetizer tray, which included Beechers flag ship cheese from PikesPlace Market, ceviche, salsa, chips, pita chips and shrimp cocktail. A bountiful feast by any measure, and there were only two of us, we had no choice but to engorge ourselves in a food frenzy.

We had barely begun to enjoy our appetizers when the phone rang, it was Jen from Surplus Ammo and Arms, calling to let me know that my Rock Island M5 shot gun had arrived. She told me the shop would be closed the rest of the week, meaning, if I didn't go pick it up immediately, I'd have to wait another week. Well, anyone who knows how I feel about my guns knows what I did already, dinner, and my best friend would have to wait. I put my shoes on, gave Carmelita the remote control for the TV and I went on my merry way to pick up my new shot gun.

Now Carmelita and I have matching shot guns, and dinner was delicious.

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