Sunday, December 23, 2012

Video - That Pesky Kimber Pro Carry II .40 Cal

I view my Kimber Pro Carry II chambered in .40 caliber as sort of my problem child, a troubled teenager if you will. I have had problems with it from the moment I first purchased it at my favorite local gun store. But, alas, I love it too much to let it go. I've made up my mind that one way or another, I'm going to keep fixing it until it's totally reliable.

I recently took it to a local gun smith to have the feed ramp polished, thinking that was the problem. But as you'll see in the video, the slide wasn't always going all the way forward. You'll see that a few times, I had to take the palm of my hand and tap the back of the slide to get it to move all the way forward.

Since this video, I have replaced the recoil spring and the trigger spring, but have not yet been out to the range to test fire it again. I am almost 100% sure that the recoil spring is the problem. I purchased a recoil spring a few weeks ago, with the intention of changing it, but when I took the recoil spring assembly apart I noticed that the recoil spring installed on my Kimber was much shorter than the one I had purchased. Thinking that I had purchased the incorrect size, I took the new spring back. But then, last week, I ordered another new recoil spring from Brownell's, and I know for a fact that I purchased the correct size. But again, it was not the same size as the one that came with my Kimber. My theory is that the spring that was on my Kimber when I purchased it is not the correct size. I think whoever owned the gun before me changed the recoil spring and installed the wrong size. I'm pretty sure that the old spring was for a Kimber Ultra series. I'm very much looking forward to going to the range and putting some rounds through it with the new spring. Even just manipulating the slide at home, I can tell a big difference in the amount of tension. Stay tuned for the next video to see what happens.

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